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We Are A Group Not One Person

One characteristic of the smear campaigns being used on us by our local opposition, in Front Royal and other towns, is to brand this organization as the work of one person, or by representing this page as a “personal blog,” in order to minimize who we are and what we do.

In reality, this organization has been the result of the hard work and experience of many people from various professions: software engineers, environmental scientists, medical experts, professional documentary filmmakers, and attorneys.  For obvious reasons, many of the people that have contributed to our work don’t want their names listed on this site, because they don’t want to end up victims of targeted internet harassment, the subject of fake news articles, or to lose their careers.

As a result, I take all the heat, which is fine because I am well taken care of, in a way that allows me to live my life without having to worry — for the most part — about the ongoing harassment campaigns we endure in every city.  No one can take my job.  No one can cut my funding.  If the situation I am living in becomes too aggressive, like what is happening currently in Front Royal, I can just move and that’s the end of it.

I can’t tell you that constantly being uprooted from my home, over and over again, and losing all of my friends hasn’t been destructive to my personal life, but it is what it is.  I made the choice to be the “front man” for this organization and I knew what I was getting myself into when I did that, but I can tell you, without a doubt, that people who call this a “personal blog,” or say that we are “self proclaimed watchdogs,” are bold faced lying to you for political reasons.

Things Are Much More Complex Than They Appear

Our main project is using Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain the entire EPA Superfund records cache, over a half a billion pages of documents that have been hidden from the public for the last thirty years, and publicly releasing them for free.  It’s a massive project, which when completed will be the largest EPA records dump in US history, so what we are working on is no small feat, and it’s extraordinarily controversial.

Something our vast opposition frequently fails to observe is that in order to run this project we have to work directly with the US EPA to obtain the records.  I think people see us railing against the EPA, criticizing them, and picking apart their failures as us being their diametrically opposed enemy, but the EPA is not a person, it’s an organization made of up people, many of which are supportive of our efforts to rid the agency of corrupt officials and contractors.

There are ten regional US EPA offices that oversee the Unites States and its outlying territories.  We’ve fought an all out war with exactly one of them, the Region 5 EPA.  As everyone knows, the Region 5 Administrator was already forced to resign for overlooking the Flint Water Crisis.  Everyone at the EPA is aware that we were in the right for taking them on, in 2013, and no one there has criticized us for that effort.

We’ve had a lot to say about EPA contractors, but only a small group of very specific companies that the EPA repeatedly awards contracts to.  There are plenty of environmental scientists, and firms, out there that also hate these very same monopolistic contractors because these companies eat up all the work.  It’s been out of this large pool of disenfranchised scientists that we’ve able to pull our various consultants.

Recently, an opponent printed that someone from the US EPA called us “idiots,” but I can tell you flat out that no one said that.  If we reached out to the Region 3 EPA to ask them to clarify that statement, they’d not be happy to learn that someone was misrepresenting them in that manner.  In spite of all of the corruption, which is inevitable in such a large organization, most EPA employees are well educated and sincere people who wouldn’t resort to such sophomoric and ignorant behavior, especially involving

Demystifying Our Stance On The EPA

It takes a very narrow mind to not understand that when someone protests an organization that they are protesting in an effort to improve it, not destroy it.  One can also support and organization and disagree with their actions, as well.  Those two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive.

As it stands, the EPA is broken for a lot of reasons.  If someone did come up with a solution to fixing climate change, implementing the solution would be next to impossible because of the malfunctioning of the agency.  As long as things stay they way they are, there is no hope for the future of this country, and quiet possibly, human being’s ability to live on this planet.

Numerous environmental scientists have confided in me that they’ve witnessed widespread corruption at the EPA.  Some of them have seen so much, and it’s troubled them so deeply, that they’ve taken sabbaticals from their career, or left the profession entirely.  I felt the same way when I worked in the transportation industry in the early 2000’s.  When one works for, or with, the federal government, they’ll experience corruption, or even partake in it, to the point that it eats at their souls, if they’re decent people.

We’ve sympathized with scientists who’ve shared their stories with us.  They understand that we are not only kindred spirits but also that we have the ability to express their pain and frustrations, which is a very valuable gift we have to offer to anyone who might feel a certain way but may not be able to express it without jeopardizing their livelihoods.

In short, we’re not trying to tear down and topple the US EPA, but we’re trying to pick it apart and put it back together into something that does a better job of protecting the public health.  Additionally, any EPA official, or contractor, who tries to tell you that the Superfund has a 100% track record for successful clean-ups is exactly the type of person we’d like to see fired out of a canon into the sun, because they’re lying.

In short, organizaions who attempt to portray us as enemies to the US EPA are talking the talk of fools.  In fact, if I was given the opportunity, I would be more than willing to go work for them as an internal affairs investigator.  Please don’t let propaganda, fake news, and misconceptions mislead you, we need the EPA, but we need it to work correctly.

No one has ever discredited our work

We’ve worked all over the country.  In three years, not one human being has ever been able to discredit a single piece of our work, with the exception of one time where I erroneously placed a fast food restaurant in Burlington, Colorado that is actually in Wichita, Kansas, two cities that are — essentially — right next to each other on I-70, an unwitting result of the madness of a half a million miles of travel.  Outside of that one random error, not one single human being has been able to present a piece of evidence that anything we’ve stated on the subject of Superfund, or corruption, is false, or incorrect, in any way.

That fact explains the volumes of personal attacks that have been levied against me, by opponents, because once people learn they can’t prove us wrong, the only way that can hit us back is to shred my personal reputation and hope people are stupid enough to fall for the blatant misdirection tactics.

You’ll note that in our writing pieces about Front Royal, we’ve not levied personal attacks, we’ve not published where anyone lived, we’ve not attempted to incite violence into people’s lives, we’ve not located past enemies or dug into our opposition’s personal relationships looking for destructive information, like they’ve done to me.  We’ve stuck to the subject matter.  We’ve taken the high road, because we’re sincere, we’re good people, and we’re telling the truth.

In return I’ve been slaughtered personally, for one simple reason:

We’re right about Jennifer McDonald, Curt Tran, and the EDA’s bogus economic development scheme and the fact that the Economic Development Authority has spent many years pressuring the US EPA into green lighting construction at a still polluted Superfund site that may not fully protect the human health.  This demonstrates that these people are fully willing to risk your health and safety to orchestrate this quixotic scam on the people of Front Royal.

The Rest

Our opposition in Front Royal have viciously threatened that if we continue to fight for the rights of the people of Front Royal that they’ll expose my past, resorting to blackmail to try to get us to go away, but they’ve made it clear that in exposing my alleged past they they are not going to tell the truth, because the only weapon they have is adding more lies to the lies they’ve already told.

Your media is lying to you. Your Mayor is lying to you.  The EDA is lying to you.  Your city council is lying to you.  Your Chief of Police is looking the other way as threats of malicious bodily harm are hurled at us.  I must say, I have witnessed some pretty serious examples of corruption in my career, but this is the first time ever that everyone in the entire town leadership is involved.

What the EDA wants from you is to fall for this scam, invest your money into buying real estate and opening businesses, with the promise of an economic boom that will never happen.  You’re being lured into a potentially illegal real estate development, one that could result in you being exposed to Superfund chemicals.

As someone who lives in the area, I’ll admit it, I fell for it, and I was working on opening an amazing white table cloth upscale restaurant to meet the coming demand, but once I looked below the surface of this deal, I found their ploy, and as one local well known resident said, “This scheme will collapse and destroy the town, leaving it in worse shape than it already is.  It would be a better idea to build something there that actually creates real jobs for real people.”

I fully agree with that statement, 100%.

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