Corrupt Public Official: Bartsow, California’s Rich Harpole

opcje binarne pit rencontres sУЉrieuses 77 speed dating with the dead site pour rencontre d'amis Learn More blinde männer kennenlernen click for more navigate to these guys 100 free online dating site & free personals Rich Harpole is an elected official in Barstow, California.  What follows is his response to writing piece we ran in the area, talking about how a local doctor stated that the rashes and blisters experience by local residents was the result of the poison water.

This public official did not issue this response to the media, even though our campaigns reached 80% of the voting population of the area, but resorted to a post on Facebook.  Rich Harpole has no authority whatsoever to make claims about the status of the water, he is not a scientist, nor is he a water expert.

Note that we made no claims about the water except what a local doctor stated, but to tell a story about how I lived in the area, was burned by the water myself, and how my kitty repeatedly became sick and threw up every time she would take a drink.  Previously, over fifty residents of the area approached us, telling us of similar issues, and our article was basically demanding that there be an investigation determining the truth.

Much like many other people that have responded to our work, rather than issue direct point by point statements, he accuses us of “rambling,” much like Roger Bianchini of Royal Examiner continues to refuse to respond to direct evidence that he is completely full of shit.

Even more bizarre is that his statement completely mixes two entirely different issues.  The first was the bad water in Barstow.  The second was about the property values in Hinkey, which is located right next to Barstow.

This is an example of a public official blatantly lying to the public, and it echoes very similar statements made by leaders in Flint, just before several of them were charged with manslaughter.

To this date, there has been no investigation into the citizens claims, the local media refused to report on the issue, and the citizens are still reporting blisters and rashes from the water.

One will note that my name is actually posted all over this site, our fan page, and I am a public figure that has generated over six million readers on my content in the last several years.  His claim that I was hiding my identity was just a further attempt to cloud the subject matter and mislead the people who elected him to keep them safe.


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