EDA Executive Director Caught In Web Of Lies Over Avtex Redevelopment

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Citizens of Front Royal can only rely on the statements of The US EPA, and Ms. McDonald, as to whether the site is safe or not.  Considering that the US EPA has endured repeated waves of controversy over the mishandling of the clean up of the 1,337 Superfund toxic waste sites in The US, to the point that Erin Brockovich calls it the “Superfail Project,” it’s hard to trust anything the EPA says, especially from our point of view, since we’ve been investigating corruption in the Superfund Project for many years.

At this point, the good people of Front Royal are left to trust the word of EDA Director Jennifer McDonald, and the local print media, The Sentinel, which repeats her like a well trained squawking parrot.  After conducting an investigation into statements she’s made in council meetings, in response to repeated inquiries from Councilwoman Egger about the nature of the ITFederal deal, we’ve found that Ms. McDonald has been less than honest.

Update: There are actually a lot more samples of dishonesty on the part of Jennifer McDonald, but we only included the following example because this article would have been ten feet long if we included it all.  We feel that the following exchange fully demonstrates Ms. McDonald’s honesty. 

Reprinted from The Northern Virginia Daily:

In response to a comment from Egger, McDonald said VDN Systems is a separate, limited liability corporation from ITFederal. Egger said an ITFederal website she found says the firm is a subsidiary of VDN Systems.

“Our ITFederal does not have a website,” McDonald said.

“OK, because there was a website out there that says they’re a division of VDN Systems,” Egger said.

“That is correct,” McDonald said. “That website was created the day after we made the announcement. Someone bought ITFederal.com.”

ITFederal does not run ITFederal.com, McDonald said. Nor does the phone number listed on the website belong to the owner, she added.

Yet, the federal government seems to wholly disagree with McDonald’s statements.  The government contract, which the embattled EDA chief says is worth “$130 million` dollars,” issued to ITFederal’s owner, was awarded to VDNSystems DBA ITFederal, confirming that Ms. Egger’s assertions that ITFederal is or was a wholly owned subsidiary of VDNSystems, and not “two separate LLC’s,” at the time of the signing.  The phone number she claims does not belong to Mr. Tran is listed in those same records.

In fact, the ITFederal.com website has been registered since 8-23-2000 and was only renewed by its owner, not registered.  ITFederal.com is in its fifteenth year of operation, at the time of this writing.  There are records which show ITFederal.com as the website of the company that was issued the near worthless government contract.

After extensive digging, we were able to determine that Truc Tran does not have a contract with the “Nuclear Defense Department,” as Ms. McDonald stated, but he has an IDIQ contract with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Office of Administration, not valued at guaranteed $130 million dollars, but has an upper cap of $140 million dollars, with a minimum guarantee of $5000.  There is also a third party source that states that the company has only generated roughly $34,999 from this contract.

Update: Since we published this article we’ve learned that Truc Tran is acquiring his contract work through “impoverished small business” contracts, has never earned more than $95,000 in one calendar year, since 2001, and has repeatedly gotten into battles with the provider of his contract, which is split between four companies, over not receiving enough business.  

The figure, $140 million dollars, is not a guaranteed amount, but is in place to set an upper limit for the dollar value of services provided, and is not to be construed as the actual value of the contract Tran had when he approached Front Royal with an unbelievable offer that was too good to refuse.  That contract only has a guaranteed value of $5000, and it’s set to expire roughly one year from now.  In spite of this, Jennifer McDonald procured a ten-million-dollar loan from the Town of Front Royal to begin construction at the site.

It seems that Tran is not building the ITFederal site to service existing contracts, but is building his “top secret nuclear data center” to foster the creation of new contacts, using an If I build it they will come mindset, which is more akin to gambling ten million dollars in Front Royal’s tax dollars than fostering a solid, reliable economic opportunity for Warren County residents.

Adding to the depth of the deceit, the congressman that brought Mr. Tran to Front Royal to begin with, is the very same congressman who just spearheaded the effort to gut and close down the Congressional Ethics Committee.   

The most disturbing part of this debacle is that in Jennifer McDonald’s seemingly apparent attempts to scare people away from asking too many questions about the ITFederal deal, she’s branded Front Royal as the site of a top-secret nuclear data center, which could paint the city as a potential tactical target for terrorists and hostile foreign nations, even though the contract appears to involve nothing more than simple tech support, legacy software update services.  Of course, if we’re now revealing top-secret nuclear information, surely the FBI will give us a call for violating national security.  We won’t hold our breath.

Update: They never called.

We’ve come to understand that the local council members are not going to issue any form of real statement in response to this writing piece, but they’ll resort to personal attacks, legal threats, or they’ll do what they do best, bury their heads in the sand and say, “not our problem,” much like they’ve done to local councilwoman Egger, even though our prime concern is the health and safety of the residents of Front Royal, because it turns out that the only thing more toxic than the Avtex site are the people who have been entrusted to oversee it.

Our opinion is that Jennifer McDonald should immediately resign from her post as the Executive Director of the Economic Development Authority, because it has been revealed that her word is worthless, leaving us with one observation:

If we can’t trust the EPA, and we can’t trust Jennifer McDonald’s EDA, is the Avtex site really safe for redevelopment, or are we all being roped into one big cancer-causing economic development scheme?  It seems we’ve been promised a boom that will never happen, that is unless ISIS happens to learn we have a top-secret nuclear data center in Front Royal, and then all bets are off.

If you’d like to voice your opinion on this woman’s outrageous behavior, to the EDA, there is a public meeting Friday, January 27th, at 8 a.m, at 400 Kendrick Ln # D, Front Royal, VA 22630.  

Update: This article received over 8000 readers.  Ms. McDonald’s friends have now begun to spread negative rumors about us, we were threatened with violence, the local town council did not respond and buried their head in the sand, just as predictedJennifer McDonald has been rumored to have stated that she was lied to by Mr. Tran, and says she has no responsibility to vet the legitimacy of economic development deals brought before her. 


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