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Front Royal Old Boy Network Resorts To Dangerous Thug Tactics To Silence

Corruption Is As Corruption Does

We’re no stranger to corruption, or the tactics used by corrupt local officials to try to silence opposition.  We’ve fought in many towns across the country and have weathered intense storms of whistleblower retaliation, threats of violence, I’ve had a gun pulled on me, fake news articles published that are meant to manipulate citizens into turning against us, and I have even printed as such on my personal website, just to let people know to not even try those kinds of things with me, because those tactics have never worked, as I’m no coward and I’ll die for my ideals.

In the last few days a fake news outlet, owned by failed councilman Mike McCool, has created absurdly manipulative news articles, which are lying to the people of Front Royal, causing misled citizens, or “useful idiots,” to threaten me with violence.  My friends have called me and told me that they have had their e-mails subscribed to these fake news articles so that they are receiving e-mails called “Daily Updates,” which are attempting to infect my personal relationships and ostracize me from my support network.

Based on these articles, it’s very clear that the writer has a close, personal relationship with EDA director Jennifer McDonald and ITFederal owner Curt Tran.  It’s also very clear from their behavior that they have been exposed, and they are running scared.

I Shall Not Live In Fear

If one reads the comments the fake articles they can easily see that the writer has now published where I live, which demonstrates that he is stalking me, speaking to people closely connected me, while posing as a journalist, which — again — has already been done to us, by someone much more reputable than the Royal Examiner, on a national scale.

In the comments, one can see that readers are being directed to a web of lies posted on the internet by an anonymous internet vigilante group, lies that have been expressly placed on the web, in order spread misinformation in the communities where I’m fighting, so opponents can quickly undermine my authority.

Isn’t it convenient that a nice, neat little package of lies has already been posted for anyone to use to smear my name?  I must be a powerful guy to warrant such prolific attempts to disrupt my work!

Roger’s post confirming that he knows where I live, in response to another comment which states, “If you’re half as smart as you think you are, you won’t come here,” is a thinly veiled attempt that causing me to live in a state of fear and terror, it’s a sample of how the old boy network of Front Royal responds to people who ask too many questions, and it further asserts that the local government is nothing more than a group of lawless criminals.

Update:  Since this article was published more people directly connected to Jennifer McDonald, have threatened me with violence, told me they are watching my house, and the situation has become so aggressive that I have left my home and am now living in a hotel to protect myself from these violent thugs.  Repeated inquires to the chief of police, for assistance, have gone ignored, and I’ve learned that the editor for the media outlet that is causing me to lose my home is on the board of directors for Habitat for Humanity.  

Isolate and Dominate

Adding to the insanity, we tried to start a citizen’s action Facebook group called Take Back Front Royal, which quickly gained traction and community support after it was published.

Two hours ago, my administrative Facebook account was deleted, disrupting the formation of our group that was intended to empower local citizens and give them a voice.  It seems that the local old boy network got together and power flagged my profile, eventually causing it to be deleted, thus shutting down the group, which is a direct example of them attempting to silence the voice of this organization, and the voice of the brave local heroes who willing to stand up against these utter slime balls.

When my Facebook account was deleted, the Take Back Front Royal group was wrecked, I was cut off from all of my friends, family members, and business contacts, further isolating me, because their type of abuse only works when the victim is alone.

Update:  After I was chased from my home, I registered a new production company called Royal Front Films, and they power flagged the Facebook Fan Page, until it was also deleted.  Since my business partner works at Facebook we were able to get the page restored, but I am still without a Facebook profile, and I am still cut off from my support network as a result.  

These smear tactics serve no purpose other than to provide ongoing circumstantial evidence that the local government is exactly what we are claiming them to be: corrupt.

It’s as if the old boys can’t understand that their own behavior is revealing the true nature of the quality of their character as leaders in the community, giving us all a very good reason to question their statements about the ITFederal deal, even more that we did so previously!

If I were not enabled with a powerful social media voice, no one would know any of this is happening.  I would be a silent victim of corruption, abused by the power structure I’m fighting.

I’m sure, since this is happening to me, that it’s happened to others, as well.   In this case, they picked the wrong guy.  Period.  It also seems that they aren’t smart enough to know when to quit, either.  If they want to sit there and continually hand me example after example of their abject absurdity, who am I to complain?

Update:  I’ve learned that this has happened to other people.  Their last victim was a teenage girl who opened a rock-a-billy donut shop that the town residents said was going to attract “witchcraft, satan worshipers and criminals.”  She went to the media, Raw Story, and she was featured on MTV.  For doing this, the town boycotted this sixteen year old girl’s shop and put her out of business. 

They’ve Still Not Answered Our Questions

Back to the actual matter at hand, our previous article raised some very important questions about the nature of the ITFederal deal, questions that could easily be answered by the EDA by simply presenting evidence of the forty million dollar contract which was used, by Jennifer McDonald and the rest of the EDA, to justify a ten million dollar loan from the City of Front Royal.

This is not personal.  I do not know Jennifer McDonald or Curt Tran. In spite of the the statements made by Curt Tran, I have never communicated with him. This is only about forcing them to operate with transparency, nothing more, nothing less.

The old boys have made it personal, because that’s the only way they can distract the community from the actual subject matter, a series of events that should make the residents shed a tear for the lost soul of the ruling class of Front Royal.

The Bottom Line

Councilwoman Egger came to me with concerns about the deal, asked me to get involved, provided evidence of her allegations, we researched them, and found her claims to be credible.

All the old boys needed to do was prove her wrong, but they couldn’t.  Now that they’ve been busted, they are trying to chase me out of my own home with abuse and threats of violence.

Speaking truth to power takes a certain type of person, I am that man, and no matter how hard they hit me, I will fight back ten times harder, and I will not give up until the citizens of Front Royal are given the answers they deserve.

Update: As I have stated before, I have now lost my home, due to repeated threats of aggressive violence. 

That is all.

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