Hinkley Uranium Contamination Fan Club Leader Caught Red Handed

Ron Haefele is the founder of the Hinkley, Uranium Contamination Fan Club, a check here vais je rencontrer l'amour bientot top 5 dating sites 2013 http://theeasybreezyway.com/?parkyw=donde-conocer-gente-bcn&1f3=23 sites de rencontres amicales seniors http://onsc4x4.com/?mariypol=rencontres-gameuses&244=19 sites rencontres sГ©rieuses entiГЁrement gratuits hook up yard https://www.reunionsaveurs.com/viopes/584 russian dating sites in toronto right wing nut job conspiracy theorist who claims that “secret underground nuclear tests at China Lake” are responsible for the high Uranium levels in the ground water in Hinkley, California, the town from the film Erin Brockovich.  Ron says that a high ranking military official, on his death bed, told him that there was a “nuclear accident” that caused these high levels.

When I asked Ron to show some evidence for his statements, he freaked out on me, began issuing threats of violence, and even came to my home to threaten me.  After a month of his psychosis, he then issued this statement which is still live on the Hinkley Uranium Contamination Facebook Page.

To respond to a few of Ron’s points, you’ll notice that he tells people I am being investigated by the FBI, yet as we learned during the recent Presidential election, from FBI Director James Comey, “The FBI does not confirm or deny the existence of its investigations,” which as always been the case, so how exactly does he know I am “being investigated by the FBI’s IC3?”

You’ll also note that Ron, himself, along with our longtime opponent Marjorie Bard PhD, who also makes the same bogus FBI investigation claims, are responsible for the web of lies printed on the internet, so part of his scam is filling my search results with negative information, and then directing people to his own lies, just like Marjorie, and The Royal Examiner in Front Royal.

In spite of Ron’s claims of me having problems with “dozens of people,” I had a great time when I lived in Barstow, helped many people by renting motel rooms for homeless people, filling up stranded motorists cars with gasoline, and even proposed and funded the opening of a homelessness organization, which is still in operation to this very day, called Dignity Station, an art program which gives free art supplies and studio time to the homeless and disabled residents of Barstow.

But let’s focus on one statement, to see if Ron is an honest man.  He claims that he never came to my house, and he never threatened me.  Yet, this morning, we discovered a comment, in his own words, from the same Facebook profile, that shows us exactly what really happened.

What were we actually doing in Barstow that he was trying to stop us from doing?  We were trying to conduct a water investigation into the alleged high chlorine content that was burning local babies, causing rashes and blisters.  You see, to Ron, causing harm to innocent children, who are still being burned by the water to this very day, was collateral damage in his mission to stop us.

Why would Ron work to keep innocent children exposed to high levels of chlorine that is causing blisters and rashes to break out on their sensitive skin?  It’s very simple, we exposed his scam.

Ron is telling people that the area is radioactive, but it’s not.  The levels of Uranium present in the ground water are not even close to being high enough to cause radiation poisoning.  Much like many other forms of toxic waste, the exposure pathway for Uranium is long term consumption, over a period of many years.  The entire town of Hinkley is on bottled water, so unless people are drinking the ground water, which they shouldn’t be, they are not at risk for exposure to Uranium.

In reality, high concentrations of naturally occurring Uranium is a part of the geology in the area and nitrates in the ground water, from alfalfa farming that has been going on as far back as the 1960’s, is causing the Uranium levels to rise, because nitrates bind with Uranium and make it water soluble, so there was never a reason for him to invent some crazy story to explain why the levels were so high, but he did it anyway, and we caught him telling this fictitious  “fairy tale.”

Note: Afalfa farming is also the method of remediation that is being used to rid the ground water of Chromium-6, through a process whereby ground water pumps extract water from the aquifers and it’s sprayed on the alfalfa crops, which scrubs the Chromium-6  from the water and it’s returned to the aquifer free of contamination, but the process also raises nitrate levels. -editor.

In order to protect himself from being revealed as a con man, the burning babies of Barstow ended up victims of his agenda, and to this day, people are still suffering, all to keep the people of Hinkley from finding out they are being taken for a ride by Ron Haefele.

Ironically, he’s right about the high levels of Uranium in the ground water, which people were drinking, until Erin Brockovich and the PG & E settlement happened.  If one strips away his obvious lies, they’re left with evidence that the Chromium-6 in the ground water may not have been entirely responsible for the illness in Hinkley.  This goes right to potentially discredit the very foundation that Erin Brockovich’s career, and the PG & E lawsuit, are built upon.

Personal note: I live with great pain knowing what is happening to those kids in Bartsow.  I lived there and I lost my home to bring you this story.  I was burned by the water myself. I know what the water is doing to people’s skin.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel intense inner turmoil over not being able to help those children, and that there are people out there who will work to destroy me even further if I try.

Losing my house just outside of Hinkley was very traumatic because it was the first real house I’d ever had, and when I left, I lost over $10,000 in new furnishings.  I managed to make good out of bad by giving all of my belongings (couch, chairs, rugs, tv, refrigerator, lamps, etc. to a struggling family for free).  I have now lost three houses because of Ron and Marjorie’s ongoing harassment campaigns.


3 thoughts on “Hinkley Uranium Contamination Fan Club Leader Caught Red Handed

    Your tactics haven’t changed. You come on Facebook messenger, threaten me, and throw out some of your trademark misinformation…then you block me from responding!
    I want to address your claims that you have repeatedly attempted to put the assertions of the HINKLEY URANIUM CONTAMINATION FAN CLUB to the test of your “expert?” scrutiny, only to be met by me continually dodging you…
    Matthew, we both know that is not true, and you leave me with no option but to issue to you an open challenge…
    I will answer any questions you have, provide you with any analytical testing data or pertinent information to request, and subject myself to your scrutiny until you are satisfied, if you will meet me in a face to face public forum…No internet sniping. No social media manipulation. Just the two of us in front of a live audience. I can arrange it, and will most gladly do so, as I would relish the opportunity to put you and your fraudulent organization under scrutiny….
    If you agree, I will make the arrangements, and they will be agreeable to both of us…This is the best I can do, and this offer is in perpetuity. Take your opportunity, or just continue to hide on the internet, and keep your deception going strong….
    Ron Harder
    Hinkley Uranium Contamination Fan Club

  • Hi Matt…
    It has been over a full year now without a response to my challenge, so I thought I would send a friendly reminder, as the offer was in perpetuity.

    I will gladly answer any of your questions, provide you with any pertinent and related data, and subject myself to any other scrutiny you can think of IF you will agree to and participate in a face to face public forum. I would think you would’ve jumped at such an opportunity, as it is the opportunity to discredit my work and have me exposed as a fraud, as you stated you were going to do.
    I think you were smart enough to avoid the invitation because you realized that is exactly what I would do. Exposing you and your scam of pretending to be an enviornmental activist in a public arena would be one of the easier and enjoyable things I could ever hope to do…

    Or, you can continue to ignore both me and my gracious offer, because you know you don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of of coming out looking like anything but the ignorant sap who has a mouth that writes checks that his ass can’t cash that you really are…

    The ball is in your court, Matt. You can go ahead and try to pretend I ‘m not real and keep ignoring me, in hopes that I will go away, as you have been. I can assure you, I am not going anywhere, and will continue to persist until you are either put in jail or into a mental hospital on a permanent basis. those two options are all a lying, manipulative, ruthless scam artist and internet terrorist such as yourself deserves…People will be watching to see what kind of response you will have, and i’m sure they will be totally disappointed.
    Ron Haefele
    Hinkley Uranium Contamination Fan Club

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