Activism 2.0.1 beta Responds To 2017 Emmy Nominee Peter John Ross

Columbus filmmaker Peter John Ross, of Production Partners Media, has been forwarding the following message around the country to police organizations and media outlets, including to the FBI and editor for the LA Times, trying to get our founder, Matthew Berdyck, charged with a crime for being an activist. His message is as follows:

Our response:

Peter has been publicly harassing Matt for over six years, making claims that Matt is a “schizophrenic,” that he is “not a filmmaker” in spite of Mr. Berdyck creating and directing numerous solicited TV pilots for Turner Networks, and making a music video for a 2014 Grammy Nominee, among other national film projects prior to becoming an activist.

In his e-mail Peter claims, “I am not a public figure.”  Yet, the litmus test for being a public figure is a person who has received multiple articles in the media, or regularly appears on television.  Peter’s TV show Framelines is currently in the middle of enjoying its fourth Ohio Valley local Emmy Nomination. In his bio he cites no less than fifteen local and national media articles about himself and says his show airs all over Ohio, on PBS.

Since Peter and his friends attack and harass anyone who is attached to Matt, we do not use people’s names, which Peter claims is an indication that various people that have been employed by us or have worked with us, from PhD patient education experts, to reputable environmental scientists, to our co-founder who is a software engineer for Facebook, do not exist.  Because of Ross’ harassment, we have been forced to hide the identities of various people that have worked with us, to spare them this exact same type of e-mail harassment and cyber stalking.

He references a civil stalking protection order he filed against our founder, as he admits that he has never met Matt.  Peter filed this CSPO as an act of revenge after we ran a petition protesting his third Emmy Nomination, due to his ongoing stalking of our founder.  Peter presented false testimony to the courts, had one of his journalist friends draft up a fake news article used to negatively infuence the proceedings, lied and told them that Matt lived in Ohio, and once again used his tired rhetoric that our founder is “schizophrenic.”

The case dragged on for eight months, cost us over $50,000, money that we use to run our cancer cluster education campaigns, until we ran a exposing his actions.  That CSPO was dismissed, not once, but twice, when the courts discovered that Peter had lied to obtain it and that his friends had violated the order by threatening Matt’s mother, via third-party contact, trying to get her to get Matt to sign it.  Yet, he includes these records in his e-mails as if he never lost the case and the CSPO is still active.

Peter claims that he is not a mental health expert but that he believes that our founder is a danger to himself an others.  In this statement he alludes to his ongoing allegation of “schizophrenia.”  He says this because even though his e-mail is a direct example of him cyber stalking Matt, whenever we talk about what he is doing, he claims Matt is “schizophrenic.”

Peter goes on to claim that Matt collects SSI, when he doesn’t, and suggests suspicious behavior due to the large amounts of money we have.  He then references the time we were investigated by our bank for money laundering.  Among other reasons, it turned out that an overzealous investigator had read Peter and his friends ongoing public harassment, fell for it, and it triggered a 90 day review of our financial habits, which ended with us being cleared of all wrong doing.   The reality is that we are just rich and this is what we choose to spend our money on.

Peter also claims to be aware of complaints filed with the FBI from various companies, which is odd, because the FBI does not confirm nor deny the presence of investigations nor do they issue statements about such, so it would stand to reason that Peter is communiticating with these companies, and much like with the above letter, encouraging them to file compaints with the FBI, simply for our founder asking for a refund for two faulty products he had purchased.  Even more bizarre is that we never spoke publicly about our issues with Fender Guitars, who sold Matt a defective Stratocaster, demonstrating the level in which Peter is cyber stalking Matt.

Moving forward, Peter begins to talk about our recent battle in Front Royal over a corrupt economic redevelopment of the Avtex Superfund site, which at the time of this e-mail was not a battle about toxic waste, but about holding corrupt local officials and media accountable for misrepresenting to the community that there was a $40 million dollar contract that was going to bring 600 jobs to the community.  After a full investigation, we learned that there was no contract.  He claims that our public campaigns exposing this bad deal was “harassing” local officials and media.

A month after this e-mail was sent, we published statements from the US EPA that declare that the Avtex Superfund site has a high risk of vapor intrusion, that no risk assessment has been conducted, and will not be conducted until 2018, meaning that according to the US EPA’s own statements, as we type this, there is a current risk for everyone who enters these buildings of being exposed to Superfund chemicals, so not only is Peter’s statement false, it has the potential to jeopardize the health and safety of many people in Warren County.

Additionally, six months earlier, Matt had meetings with two environmental scientists about whether vapor intrusion posed a risk for the people working in these buildings. We did not name these parties because – obviously – if we do, they will start getting equally publicly harassed by Ross and his friends, and both of them spoke with us off the record, requesting that they not be named, because of our ongoing battles with the US EPA, which could brand them as whistleblowers and cause harm to their livelihoods.

In fact, if one scans our fan page, every statement we have made has been backed by either third party sourcing, EPA records, or federal cancer cluster studies.  One can view the TCE vapor intrusion public education campaigns in Burbank, or the federally confirmed cancer cluster in Moab, Utah we exposed, or our work in Ashland, Kentucky on the Big Run Land Fill methane spill, or our work in Silicon Valley where we ran public education campaigns about the MEW Superfund study area.  We are very careful to make sure that every statement we make is backed by either a scientists or a journalist.

Peter closes his e-mail filled with lies by providing the recipients of his message with legislation which would allow these various police agencies to charge us with a crime, and then asserts that even though he previously stated he is not a mental health professional, that he feels that Matt, a man who has worked to save the lives of millions of Americans all across the county, is a “danger to himself and others.”

Our final statement on the above e-mail is that Peter is an aggressive cyber predator and work place bully.  His messages serve not only to disrupt our federally confirmed cancer cluster education campaigns, which is patently dangerous and could result in the deaths of innocent people who are not aware they are living in the middle of a confirmed cancer cluster, but that over the last six years, Peter’s actions have damaged legitimate environmental battles all over the country, to the tune of six million people who have been affected by his actions, giving Ross a body count which rivals only Adolf Hitler, himself.

Peter, who is currently nominated for an Emmy, will be in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 6th, for the 2017 Ohio Valley Emmy Awards.


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