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Matthew Berdyck Responds To Pizzagate Allegations

In November of 2016, Wikileaks released the e-mail hacks of John Podesta, which led to internet investigators to craft up a conspiracy theory that Podesta and Hillary Clinton were involved in a “satanic pedophile ring,” which resulted in numerous fake news articles.

During the controversy, I made a comment about the conspiracy theory that caused Pizzagate truthers to come to my Facebook page.  On my page, there were photos of me with Tareq Salahi, the famed White House Gate Crasher, and Real Housewives of DC star, because I know him personally.  He lives down the street from me.  Also, there were photos from my recent visit to District of Pi Pizza.

These conspiracy theorists then decided that I was a part of this satanic pedophile ring, and dragged me into the controversy, which resulted in no less than a thousand death threats, people threatening to come to my home to cause physical harm to me, even though I don’t know any of the people who were connected to the Pizzagate scandal.

Today, those very same truthers are still going, working to trash our activism work, even though – again – I have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the people who are alleged to be involved with this scandal.  I am a victim if circumstance, and I assert that at no time have I ever met, or associated with anyone connected to the Pizzagate scandal.

My opinion of this situation is that the internet is completely out of control and any nut job with an internet connection can post anything they want.  As the Pizzagate scandal shows, and the recent wave of fake news, that there are people out there who will literally believe anything.

Normally, I wouldn’t even take the time to respond to such idiocy, but Roger Bianchini, and Norma Jean Shaw, of the Royal Examiner, are allowing these Pizzagate truthers to post links to the resulting harassment on their articles, in an attempt to manipulate the citizens of Front Royal, as we are working to shut down construction at a Superfund site in Front Royal, Virginia that has failed to protect the public health.

It’s very clear the Royal Examiner is working to protect local officials who have worked to build a data center on top of the Avtex Superfund environmental atrocity, and it also goes to further demonstrate that corrupt journalists are major problem in today’s world.

Bianchini and Shaw should be ashamed of themselves for getting in bed with the Pizzagate truthers, because in reality, since the scandal was investigated and proven to be false by DC Metro Police, all the Pizzagate scandal turned out to be was a bunch of nut jobs taking photos of innocent children in DC and accusing them of being victims of sexual abuse, allegations which could haunt these children for the rest of their lives.  Apparently, Roger and Norma have no issue, whatsoever, commiserating with these child abusers, in an effort to protect corrupt public officials and crooked media in Front Royal, Virginia.

I want to state, for a third time, that I have no connection whatsoever to Pizzagate, or anyone associated with John Podesta or Hillary Clinton, and that I have, once again, become lodged in the center of a controversy that I have nothing to do with.

The drama in my life is the result of bloggers, social justice warriors, conspiracy theorists, and fake news articles.  In spite of these facts, we will continue to fight to save lives, in the face of any controversy, no matter what, because it takes more than an unemployed loser with an inability to distinguish reality from fantasy to stop

Thank you,

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