Matthew Berdyck’s Poison In The Grapes This is the film that started it all.  We had no idea what we were doing, or what we were getting ourselves into, but six of the federal and state  officials we took on with this film later resigned or were fired from their jobs, for other incidences of corruption.  After the release of our short docu, our founder, Matthew, started traveling the country, investigating toxic waste sites. During the last three years, as his knowledge has grown, over hundreds of thousands of miles of travel, talking to US citizens all over the country, so has this organization.  This film is a little rough around the edges, much like Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All, but it was always resonate with US Citizens as one small piece —  a microcosm if you will — of a larger uncomfortable reality that is the US environmental debate, and as being the straw that broke the camel’s back and moved us to action. A year later, after the release, Matthew returned to his neighborhood, this time to talk about a different issue, the PCB’s in the lake next to the Summit Equipment and Supplies Superfund site.  He made an appearance on WEWS ABC News Channel 5, in Cleveland, Ohio, to further advocate for his community, and fight for a group of people who cannot defend themselves.

see Joe Pagonakis, a reporter for the station, created a completely fabricated news piece linking the PCB’s to the Superfund site, but also gave us a living example of how media will bold faced lie to it’s viewers at the behest of corrupt government officials, as Joe worked directly with the Region 5 EPA on the creation of this telecast. Joe interviewed us about the PCB’s in the lake, and then issues a news report about “illegal dumping” at the Superfund site, even though both issues are wholly unrelated.  We are hard at work on a second installment of the original short film, called Death Water, which takes Posion in the Grapes, extends the story out by three years, and focuses on the national issue of poisoned ground water, and EPA and media corruption that allows it all to continue to happen, at Superfund sites all across the country.

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    • At this point, I have no idea what I’m doing with the footage. I still have it, but to be straight up, I don’t really want the controversy and the drama that will come with releasing as film like Death Water. Right now our political climate is so convoluted and backwards, I feel like if I make a film attacking the EPA that my own base, liberals, will be the people that will come after me, on principle alone. We’ll see though. At this point, anything can happen!!

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