Notes On The Hudson River PCB Spill And The Murderous Muppet

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While I was living just outside of Hinkley, I was watching TV and saw that there had been an oil spill north of Santa Barbara, at Refugio State Beach.  Immediately, I hopped in my car, headed west, so I could go check out the situation.

When I arrived at the site of the spill, I was denied entry to the area where the spill occurred, even though it had been open the day before.  I was told that the area had been closed in order to “protect the human health.”  I asked the man, “If there is a danger to the public health, why aren’t you wearing a Hazmat suit?”

Of course, he could not answer me, but he told me that if I wanted photos that I would have to go speak with the EPA, who was only allowing journalists that they’d personally selected to enter the spill area.

Rather than have a battle with the guy, and point out that it was very strange that the EPA was making an attempt to control the type of media that was published about the spill, a tactic that is conducive to only publishing the government-approved interpretation of an environmental incident, I took off back to Santa Barbara, to go locate an environmental scientist who could explain to me what was happening.

Media Response To The Spill

The reason I’d become interested in the first place, was because on the first day of reporting on the spill, the media stated that the estimate for the volume of the spill was one-hundred-thousand gallons, expressing that they believed that only twenty-thousand gallons of oil had made it to the ocean, which would mean that the remaining eighty-thousand gallons must have spilled on land.

Yet, the very next day, the very same media outlets reported that it was determined that there had been eighty-thousand gallons spilled into the ocean, with the total amount of oil spilled stayed at 100,000 gallons, which led to the question: If that is true, then what happened to all the oil that was on land the day before?

What I noticed was that Plains All American Pipeline had appeared to misreported on the size of the estimated spill, in the initial media report, which got millions of hits of traffic, but the next day, when all of the excitement had died down, they’d quietly released the real number, when the internet traffic and public interest for the incident was much lower,

This is an interesting example of how members of the media can be manipulated in order to report false information that can be used to minimize the severity of an incident to the American public and how media either fails to investigate before they publish, or they are political supporters of the industry.

A Scientist Speaks

I traveled to UC Santa Barbara to locate an expert on oil spills, so he could explain to me what was happening.  There, I met with a scientist who explained to me that the spill itself wasn’t that big of a spill.

He told me that historically, in the first hours of an oil spill, lots of misinformation is published that is later corrected, which explained the discrepancies in the numbers, but also points out that the mainstream media will completely publish false information, no questions asked.

In the middle of recounting his glory days working on the Deepwater Horizon spill, he told me that he’s also worked as a scientist, employed by GE, who had caused a gigantic PCB spill at the Hudson River, in the 1950’s, as GE had been required as a part of the clean up to develop new science dedicated to cleaning up PCB’s.

He went on to tell me that his team, in which he was only a grad student, had developed a process of dechlorinization, which would break up the chlorine molecule in the PCB’s, and cause it to naturally degrade itself, eliminating the need to dredge.

This scientist also shared that the team he was working with had recommended that the EPA not dredge the Hudson River because dredging could break the natural cap that had formed over the toxic spill and result in spilling more PCB’s.

Rather than listen to the scientists, the EPA ignored their recommendations, and began dredging, which is something they do all over the country, regularly ignoring the advice of environmental scientists, choosing methods of remediation that benefit their contractors financially, rather than methods that actually protect the human health.

At the same time, since these scientists had created a method of remediation that could potentially stop the need to dredge, the EPA suddenly re-evaluated the laws about possession of PCB’s.

Even though it was the EPA who had given these scientists the PCB’s to begin with, the scientists were forced to sign waivers admitting that their possession of the hazardous substance was a felony and that they could be charged for having these environmental pollutants, a tactic that would surely remind them to keep their mouths shut.

As the Hudson River remediation moved forward, it was discovered downstream that there were more PCB’s, which easily could have come from breaking the caps iver the site of the original spill.

At this point, sometime in 2005, almost fifty years after they discovered the spill, the EPA contracted yet another set of environmental scientists who made the exact same determination as the first group, that dredging was not recommended because it could result in spilling more PCB’s.

In spite of this recommendation, the EPA moved forward and started dredging again.

Today, the Hudson River PCB spill has cost GE over 120 million dollars, and is more of an industry than a clean up effort, as the national media completely ignores the subject matter, in spite of the fact that is was GE that was the parent company of NBC Universal when the events in this story were happening.

Is Anyone Shocked That All Of This Is Monsanto’s Fault?

It’s a good time to note that the exposure pathway for PCB’s is consumption.  As this spill has been cleaned up, and the caps broken, one can go to the area downriver of the spill and witness poor people fishing out of the PCB polluted river, for food, as the EPA still has ten years left on the cleanup effort.

It should be also noted at this point that Monsanto was the sole manufacturer and distributor of PCB’s in the US, but if you try to point this out to people, they’ll immediately will drown out your statements about PCB’s with rhetoric about GMO’s.

At one point, I laughingly remarked that if Monsanto wanted to hide its responsibility for spreading PCB’s all over the country, all they needed to do was start their own Non-GMO group, who could be used to distract the public from knowing the truth about their role in polluting this country with polychlorinated biphenyls.

Enter The Murderous Muppet

About a year later, I was talking about all of this on my fan age, when I was contacted by someone using a Muppet profile, called Sam Eagle.

My fan page has all types of people on it, and some of them are quite strange, so I didn’t think anything of it.   The Muppet demanded answers to various questions, and I patiently answered the questions when Mr. Eagle raised the question, “What gives you the right to speak on the subject of toxic waste?”

My response was that there was a scientist out there who could state that I do happen to know an exceptional amount of information about the subject of environmental issues, who had previously commented that, in my case, experience had trumped the need for education.

The next day, I started receiving angry messages from the scientist, accusing me of claiming that he had formally endorsed me as an expert in the subject of toxic waste, even though nothing like this had ever happened.

What really had occurred is that this Muppet had trolled me, and then trolled him, which was done to start a fight, because until that point, I had remained friendly with this scientist, and considering his statements about my abilities, he was the only human being on the planet who could stick up for me, as the rest of the world was branding me as a “con man, scammer with many fake names.”

Even stranger, when I clicked on this Muppet profile, I noticed that it was connected to an entire dark web of fake Muppet Facebook profiles, thousands of interconnected Jim Henson characters, which was just bizarre, that led me to ask, why would a reputable environmental scientist even consider the words of a Muppet?

Try it yourself.  Type in the name of a Muppet on Facebook and start digging.

At this point, I demanded that this scientist reveal the identity of the person who contacted him about me, to which he refused to tell me, stating that he’d read on the internet that I was a troll and that he’d seen no evidence that the person who’d contacted him trolling him was a troll themselves.

It became clear that this scientist was communicating with the internet vigilante group that has been after me. Even though the blogs had been making threats to cause emotional harm to my daughter, he flatly refused to reveal their identity.

This demonstrated that this scientist appeared to have some sort of relationship, or level of personal trust, with the person who was using the Muppet profile and he was going to continue to protect the identity, because he didn’t want them to be “trolled” by me, in spite of the fact that I just wanted this person’s name so I could sue them for defamation.

The Rest

During my investigation into the aforementioned Refugio State Beach Oil Spill, I’d learned that Plains All American Pipeline and Valero Corp, were also building The Diamond Pipeline, which bisects the State of Arkansas.

I discovered that the moment Tom Cotton had been elected he immediately worked to pass a law that allowed gas and oil companies to use eminent domain to take away people’s homes, and that Plains had already begun taking people’s land from them, but when these people protested, he proclaimed, “You voted for me!”

Later, I stood up to Plains All American Pipeline, whose CEO is on the board of the Texas Federal Reserve Bank, and days later, my bank accounts were shut down, leaving me stranded in the middle of Louisville, Kentucky driving a $30k BMW with $20k in cash on me, leaving me unable to rent a hotel room in safe area.

As a result of the attack, I was forced to find a house so I could hole up and recover from the damage that had been caused to my career by the loss of my accounts, and the attacks from the murderous Muppet, which by now, were posted all over the internet.

As I limped into my new home, completely damaged and battle worn, I looked over the new town I was in, Front Royal, Virginia, and said, “I’m done.  I’m never getting involved with any of this shit again. I’m going to build a recording studio, hide in my house, and the world can kiss my ass.”

Of course,  eight months later, a local councilwomen came forward and blew the whistle on corruption involving the redevelopment of the Avtex Superfund site, and I was immediately dragged right back into the war.

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