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Superfund Region 9 Data Scraper

You will need to have Python 2.7 installed on your system.  Download, and unzip this file to the directory of your choice.  Open the directory and double click  “”  A command prompt window will open, and then a small interface.  Enter in the name of the directory and click “go.”

EPA Superfund Region 9 PDF Scraper V1.2 (beta)

Your system will now scrape the US EPA website and download the entire PDF document Superfund cache for California, Nevada, and Arizona.


This is a very early beta.  It could potentially error out.  If you are developer, feel free to make any necessary repairs, and forward us the new version to If not, contact us and we can get you an updated version within 48 hours.  

This version does not work with a proxy.  

Since the EPA removed access to the original National Priorities List a few weeks ago, I sat down and edited 1,323 records, and resourced the entire Region 9 database using their new format, and stored the database on my personal website.  We will be migrating the databases here shortly. 

The estimated download time at average speeds is about eight hours.  

You will need enough storage space to store at least 2000 PDF files. 


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