Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to questions that our opponents say we do not want to answer.  We just wish they had the courage to answer ours!

go to the website What precisely is this research? What does that entail? is a multi-faceted group with many goals and aspirations. At the heart of it all we are data miners.  Our primary goal is to collect all 100,000,000+ pages of the Superfund record and release it for free to the public.  Doing this entails filing Freedom of Information Act Requests, and a lot of legal tactics.

We’ve only formally begun to form this group in recent months, and have many projects planned, like doing research studies about the relationship between toxic waste and diseases like Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Sclerosis.  Our goal is to hire qualified research staff to conduct these studies, in which the end results will be published in scientific journals.

Our founder travels the country meeting people and talking to communities, seeking out toxic incidents, and uses creative marketing campaigns to engage the local residents, and draw out intelligence to be used to help lead us to more sources of information.

Occasionally we run public environmental campaigns, and operate as an EPA watch dog group, like our Trichoroethelyne (TCE) campaign in Burbank, California.

Burbank, California – Trichloroethelyne (TCE) Vapor Intrusion Public Education Campaign Aren’t these Superfund records already publicly available on the EPA website?

It’s estimated that only 2-3% of the Superfund record is publicly available on a widespread basis, on the EPA website.  The rest of the publicly available records are housed at individual physical document repositories scattered around the country, at well over a thousand individual locations, making the process of investigating a site costly, and time consuming. i.e. plane tickets, hotels, photocopies of upwards of a million pages of data for certain sites, shipping upwards of 12 feet of documents. Rather than spent $2-3k,  on a single records gathering event, FIOA requests average about $500 per request and the responding agency is responsible for the process of document collection, and transporting the resulting data.

Some activists spend years trying obtain a full, single set of records.  Once we obtain and release the records for a Superfund site that is one less battle for activists to have to fight.

dating sites blind What are the qualifications of your founder to do research?

Steve Jobs didn’t personally develop and build the iPhone.  He was just the visionary who came up with the idea.  Our founder’s work getting inside communities more closely resembles investigative journalism, social engineering, and intelligence than scientific research.

rencontre avec femmes malgaches en france Has anyone associated with Superfund Research ever done any credible research on any scientific or environmental projects?

Yes.  Matt has made short films featured on television news, about toxic waste sites, published writing pieces about the Superfund project, and has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, visiting hundreds of Superfund sites, and gathering information from local residents.

rencontre elizabethtown streaming Has collected any water or soil samples from a single superfund site?

No.  At this time we do not do soil or water testing, but we have the resources to hire experts if needed. Did they illegally trespass to get these samples or video footage of the sites?

No.  It’s extremely hard to trespass on a Superfund site because almost all of them are in an active commercial or residential area.

find out here now What laboratory and scientists are working with

As we stated previously, we don’t do soil or water testing because our results could be dismissed scientifically because of bias.  Our founder, Matt, does not work directly with the laboratories, rather choosing to have our resident medical expert handle those projects.  Matt’s opinions on the subject matter, and Matt, himself, are completely separate from the scientific evaluation process.

Reputable unbiased third party water research firms and scientists are to be hired, on an as needed basis, from a wide variety of backgrounds for various projects, including soil and water testing, on an as needed basis.  click here now

try this site Does anyone within the alleged organization have any qualifications to give medical advice?

Yes.  We consult with licensed medical professionals to make sure we are deliver the most accurate information possible.  However, the closest thing we have ever come to giving “medical advice” is repeating the words of credible doctors who made statements to us, or recommending that people dissolve Vitamin C in their water to reduce chlorine.  Vitamin C for dechlorination is recommended and approved by the states of California and Oregon; this is arm-chair chemistry, not “medical advise.” Is either qualified to make determinations as to any threat levels of toxic waste, and warn communities about these?

Yes.  Erin Brockovich has no specialized training and she is one of the most powerful voices in the country.  There is no college degree or certification for the position of environmental activist.

Is a non-profit organization?

No.  As of 3/6/2016 we are a sole proprietorship in the state of Oregon.

Do you accept donations?

No.  We are a self funded organization, paid for out of our personal paychecks, that does not, and will not ever, accept or solicit donations from the public.  As a result, no one owns us or our opinions.

Can a for profit business be registered as a .org?

Yes. In fact, 10-13% of .org web addresses are for profit ventures, like, for instance, according to Kate Hutchinson, a former marketing manager for a major domain registrar.  Opponents that have encouraged others to report us to the IRS are simply manipulating innocent people into filing false claims against us with Internal Revenue Service, which is a violation of federal law, so we strongly advise that you contact an att0rney before you do something that lands you in hot water.

Do you generate any form of profit?

No.  We do not sell any products, nor do we get paid for anything we do.

If you are so concerned about the environment why does your founder drive a BMW?

Because it has ten interior airbags and reduces the risk of death for the passenger.  Currently, Matt drives 50-70k miles a year.  It has great passing power, rock solid control, California emissions standards so it’s one of the cleanest cars on the road, and goes 160 mph on command, just in case we need to outrun The EPA.

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