US EPA Delivers Great News About The Status Of The Asheville CTS Trichloroethylene Plume horaire rencontre xv agencias matrimoniales lima peru profil bei singles leipzig löschen site de rencontre belge payant site rencontres 50 ans et plus zulu dating site free american asian dating sites article source site de rencontre souk ahras A spokesman for the Region 4 US EPA contacted us today with the following statement about the remediation status of the Asheville CTS Superfund site.  In summary, they have implemented a clean up method using injection wells which will put substances in the groundwater that will oxidize the plume of TCE, they have allocated an ongoing fund for clean up, and all future homebuyers in the area will be informed of the Superfund status of the neighborhood.

Their statement is as follows:

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On May 1, 2017, EPA approved the In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) Pre-Design Investigation (PDI) Work Plan for the CTS of Asheville, Inc. Superfund Site and field work is expected to start the week of May 22nd.  ISCO involves the injection of chemicals into the ground. The chemicals oxidize and break down the contaminants (trichloroethylene or “TCE”) into harmless by-products like carbon dioxide and water. The PDI Work Plan outlines a strategy to determine where TCE is distributed below ground in the expanded 1.9 acre Northern Treatment Area. More than 30 borings will be driven to the top of the bedrock up to 80 feet below ground. The boring equipment has probes to detect the presence of TCE and to measure permeability – how well groundwater flows at different depths.  This field work is expected to take about 3 weeks to complete. The results of the PDI will help refine where the chemicals are injected in the full-scale treatment phase. A pilot Treatability Study to test the ISCO injection strategy will follow later this year.

Also on May 1, EPA approved the Remedial Design Work Plan for the interim remedy to address the contamination beneath the former CTS plant. This work plan outlines the project delivery and implementation plan, identifies roles and responsibilities of the project team, and provides a preliminary schedule (see attached pdf) for the Interim Remedial Design and Interim Remedial Action. CTS has initiated the procurement process to select the contractor that will conduct the Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) component of the remedy at the 1.2 acre source area under the former facility that is mixed with TCE and non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL). ERH is a technology that heats the ground in order to vaporize, or destroy, the contaminants. Contaminated vapor is then recovered and treated above ground before being discharged to the air. EPA expects to receive the Preliminary Remedial Design for the ERH remedy by mid-August 2017.

In accordance with the terms of the Consent Decree (CD), CTS has established an Irrevocable Standby Funding Commitment of more than $9 million to ensure that funds will be available to complete the Interim Remedial Action.  Also in accordance with the terms of the CD, Mills Gap Road Associates, the current owner of the site, has filed a Notice to Successors-in-Title in the real property records of Buncombe County to ensure that any future purchaser of the property is fully aware of its status as a Superfund site.

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More information regarding the CTS Superfund site can be found on EPA’s website at:

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