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Why Is ITFederal Being Given A Free Ride By The Town Of Front Royal?

I did some more digging, today.

First, McDonald stated that the contract was with the “Nuclear Defense Department.”  Then, Roger Bianchini corrected the record by stating the contract is with the Defense Special Weapons Agency even though the DSWA was closed down and merged with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) by DoD Directive 5105.62 of September 30, 1998.

McDonald has stated that she’s seen contracts Tran has acquired in the last year, so assuming she was just confused about the name of the agency, I went to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency website, and looked up all of the contracts that were award in 2016, and no ITFederal.  You can click here, to check yourself.

My question now is, if there is no contract, why is Curt Tran being given a free ride by Front Royal?

1. Tran is acquiring his contracts under an impoverished small business program.  To qualify for this program one must have a net worth that is under $750,000, among a few other random criteria.

2. Anyone can acquire federal contracts.  The process to become certified with the GSA, or other agencies, is relatively simple.

3. Many people in Front Royal have a net worth of under $750,000, meaning most people in the town could easily acquire the same type of contracts as Tran.

4.  The Town of Front Royal is giving Tran the Avtex land for $1, and is giving him $10,000,000 in development money, the way I understand the deal, which came from the Town of Front Royal.

5.  Myself, or anyone else could have contracts like Tran’s in less than six months.

6.  Therefore, why is The Town of Front Royal handing all of this to Tran, an outsider, and not giving it to a local citizen?

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